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AM Squared (Aero Interiors) / Partner (DOA's) was formed in 2019 as the result of a number of key Directors coming together under a single banner. These Aerospace Directors originated and are skilled in Design / Technical Operations / Parts sourcing & Programmes.

The team was formed to offer a more effective and reactive approach to low volume demand for reconfiguration, enhancement and development of Aero Interiors. The team brings experience of not only Aero-interiors but also Structures, Avionics & Electronics for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, plus logistics support (on request). 

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Passenger Hygiene Kits (Eco)

The Global Airline industry currently faces a new set of challenges, transiting from international lock-down, to getting aircraft and passengers safely and confidently back in the air. The look and feel of the Aircraft experience may need to change, passenger confidence levels will need to be re-established, focussing on hygiene, environmental impact and safety.


At AM Squared we have given this concept much thought and action; we are now able to supply each Airline and Passenger with a low cost, unique, environmentally friendly, personal and independent set of hygiene-based PPE.


Delivered in a sealed biodegradable pouch containing: Disinfectant wipes, Alcohol gel, Bio-degradable face-mask, nitrile gloves and bamboo based tissues. Each passenger can now supplement (at a personal level) the hygienic cleanliness of their immediate environment, for the duration of the flight.

Our Products have been developed with the “Environment” at the very forefront of our thinking. Our Eco hygiene kits consist of Biodegradable or Recyclable (hand gel) products, even the delivery pouch becomes a low impact waste bag. Passengers can drop these safely into waste containers provided by the cabin crew with virtually zero cross contamination potential.


The hygiene kit can be branded throughout (based on MOQ) and either handed out or deposited in the passenger seat or literature pocket area, during loading & embarkation. We believe this is genuinely a positive solution to the concerns air passengers may currently feel. 


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