AM Squared
Aero cabin interiors & Upgrade support

About us


Max Levy Director at AM Squared.


Energetic/dynamic commercially astute company director, with the ability to formulate, initiate and deliver a diverse variety of business activities; utilising intuitive, logical and innovative management techniques. Our management style is based upon the principles of "Total Productive" team working, exploiting exceptional communication skills. My intrinsic value is founded upon experience of complex aerospace high/low volume process/logistical environments; from Blue Chip to SME organisations.


Richard Allen Director at AM Squared.


Skilled on all forms of Programmes. Encompassing complete project life cycle for all Original Equipment and Refurbishment activities. Ensuring our diverse, highly skilled teams work in harmony, achieving consistently high quality and timely programme delivery. Creating a working environment and a series of processes, that allow the teams to manage complex multifaceted projects to budgeted and contracted timeframes. Initiating and implementing new and evolving methodologies to support long term strategies. 







Why use AM Squared ?


We offer a truly Collaborative (advocate) Service, with exceptional attention to detail. Employing a totally transparent approach to Costing, Project and Goods delivery.


Effective communication is at the very forefront of all we do for our clients.

40 year's experience within Aerospace Interiors

The ability to streamline & innovate modern Aero Interiors 

Access to a global network of creative & talented teams

A focused and dedicated team; technically able to meet customer requirements, from the standard to the bespoke

Offering both a comprehensive and professional DOA / POA to all our Customers